Resistance. Response. Resilience. Recovery.

Mississippi Crisis Response Network

About Us


We are a group of trained volunteers who provide emotional and spiritual first aid for those who have been impacted by 
high stress events (sometimes referred to as “critical incidents”).

Although our primary target is first responders, we have assisted with an array of recipients including medical centers,
 educational institutions, businesses, disaster-impacted communities, general population, and others. We do this through an effective peer-based program with mental health oversight.

We are police officers, EMS personnel, firefighters, chaplains, emergency management officials, dispatchers, educators, mental health professionals, nurses, organizational representatives, and many others.

Who we are. What we are about.


We strive to come alongside individuals, families, and agencies to promote immunity through pre-incident education, training, leadership and support. 


We use evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions with mental health oversight. We predominantly use critical incident stress management (CISM) and Psychological First Aid (PFA) while understanding and modeling leadership. 


We believe in recovery. As a result of interventions, we follow-up to see that there is recovery for the individual or group. Sometimes, the intervention is what works best. Other times, treatment, rehabs, and medications are needed. We always refer to the next level of care. 


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Preparedness minute.

Executive Committee


CJ Caufield, CTR, BCETS


Carlos Redmon, Sr., NREMT-P

secretary & treasurer

James Sulton, DDiv, PSC

Additional Board Members

Desarae Rice

Jimmy Anthony

Ken Wheeler

Kim Blackwell

Terry Lightheart

Kim Evans